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"Homoeopathy is the most scientific system of medicine which treats the patient in the most gentle and natural manner by enhancing the body's innate capacity to heal itself."

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Welcome to Dr. Goyaner's Homoeopathic Centre

Dr. Goyaner's Homoeopathic Centre was established in 1995 by Dr. Rajesh Gupta in Gwalior and since then this centre has been rendering world class homoeopathic treatment based in Bhopal and Gwalior to patients globally.

Dr. Goyaner's Homoeopathic Centre is being run under the able guidance of internationally acclaimed homoeopath couple Dr. Rajesh Gupta & Dr. Sapna Gupta along with a team of highly qualified and experts homoeopathic doctors. The centre provides individualised treatment to patients based on their symptoms and strives to provide an effective cure in the most safe and effective manner.

The centre is visited by hundreds of patients of difficult and chronic nature on a daily basis from all around the globe. The centre proudly boasts of being a pioneer in providing world class homoeopathic treatment and has a very high success ratio.

Patient Testimonial

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Dr. Rajesh Gupta

DHMS, BHMS(Gold Medalist)

Dr. Rajesh Gupta is one among the celebrated Homoeopathic Doctors, having practiced homoeopathy since 20 years. Dr goyaner’s homoeopathic centre....

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Our Team of Experts

Dr. Rajesh Gupta Speaking on allergy and homoeopathic treatment

Dr. Sapna Gupta

MBA(Gold Medalist), BHMS(Gold Medalist)

Dr. Sapna Gupta is an eminent homoeopath of India. Dr. Sapna Gupta after doing her master’s degree in business administration developed a keen interest....

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Rashmi Shukla

I was having severe acne & pimples on my face. After getting treated here, my acne & pimples are gone now in just 30 days treatment.

Prashant Singh

My daughter has been taking treatment for rashes with itching all over the body since 3 yrs... After taking the medication from Dr rajesh gupta today her itching, swelling and rashes are practically nil... thanks to dr. Goyaner.

Shushma agrawal, delhi

I'm taking treatment under Dr. Rajesh Gupta. I was suffering from tremendous hair fall problem but after getting treatment my hair fall has stopped and I`m happy with the hair health and growth. Thank you!!

Sanjeev gupta, canada

Dr. Goyaner clinic doctor diagnosed me with Seborrhoeic dermatitis and they gave Homoeopathy medicines to treat it. Now my condition is much better than it was when they had diagnosed the problem. Homoeopathy treatment does take time but it surely works. Staff is also helpful and equipments used are of international standards.

Yash shah, U.S.

I was suffering from severe allergic sneezing resulting in breathlessness.i took treatment for one year in the u.s. without much relief.My parentsin india brought me to Dr.goyaner centre and I was treated under Dr. Rajesh Gupta. This treatment took almost a year and the results were fantastic.i am now feeling fully cured.

Manish Dawani, bangalore

Myself Manish Dawani, I have suffering from warts since 1 year . i had also got them cauterised but they kept recurring, as a last resort i treied dr rajesh gupta’s treatment and after 5 months of treatment i am totally wart free. now my whole family takes treatment from dr rajesh gupta.

Rahul sapra, mumbai

I remained very anxious and depressed whole day without any reason and it had become very difficult for me to perform my daily routine work. The doctors of Dr goyaner ‘s homoeopathic cente took a very detailed case history which no one had done earlier and their medicines worked like magic pills and Now I feel very relaxed n happy....thank u Dr. Goyaner.

Richa bandi, australia

Have been taking online treatment for little over 1 year for respiratory & acidity issues. Dr. Sapna Gupta was treating from beginning. She has been quite understanding & prompt in addressing all my problems. I am fully satisfied with the treatment & nothing to complain as such. Now if i have any problem i do not worry that i am alone abroad as i know my doctor is just a message away. Thank you very much.

Asheka singh, gwalior

Hi I am suffering from pcos and was having very heavy and irregular periods alongwith severe pain. After taking dr sapna gupta’s treatment since one and a half year my periods are now regular and painless. I now no longer fear from periods.

Ankit sabharwal, bhopal

Dr. Goyaner has proved its importance and made me to recommend others having any chronic diseases. It has created a mark in the field of Homoeopathy that any disease can be treated with this system of medicine.

Marie chacko, U.K.

Homoeopathy is Best. I always take homoeopathic treatment for any small or big problems. People should prefer Homoeopathy as the first line of treatment for their medical problems. They would benefit it lifelong. Since Homoeopathy also helps to improve health from genetic base disorder which creates block in healing process of patient.

Aakash gupta, indore

I have been suffering from Sinus for last many decades. I have enrolled with Dr Goyaner treatment for Sinus for past few months. I can already see the results in form of fewer recurrences of sinus attacks. Dr Rajesh Gupta Sir explains everything very clearly and nicely if you are looking for a long term treatment of sinus and cold. Do visit Dr Goyaner and meet Dr rajesh Gupta. Allopathy treats only the symptoms but Homoeopathy gives long term benefits.